About us

What do we stand for?

ENFCO (European Network for Compliance Officers) is a network of not-for-profit associations for in-house compliance professionals across Europe. The organisation facilitates the cooperation and communication between the participating associations and their incorporated professionals in the best spirit of a European community, according to the network’s mission goals.

As their members share similar challenges, ENFCO’s mission is to:

  • facilitate the cooperation and communication on compliance between the European compliance associations,
  • promote and strengthen the professionalization and the occupational profile of compliance professionals, and
  • help improve the economic and institutional environment.

How we want to achieve our mission:

  • provide access to compliance professionals in other European countries,
  • share knowledge and information by exchanging best practice, tools & templates,
  • exchange knowledge and information on (upcoming) compliance regulation from the EU and individual states,
  • provide relevant member benefits to the members of the other associations (e.g. reduced entry to conferences), and
  • promoting associations’ events taking place in other countries.