The Association of Compliance Officers (ASCO) is a leading Greek compliance professionals association, established in 2016. ASCO-Greece aims “inter alia” at exchanging knowledge and information on compliance issues, the promotion of compliance standards and advancing the skills of compliance professionals. The association submits proposals for the improvement of the functioning of compliance, develops cooperations with other related associations, in Greece and abroad, cooperates with the state and regulators and facilitates networking among members. Further information on the association can be found here.


The Berufsverband der Compliance Manager (BCM) e. V. is the leading professional association exclusively for in-house compliance officers from companies, associations and organizations. The Berlin-based association represents the interests of its 1000 members on regional and federal level on politics, economy and society. It takes a stand in public debates on issues affecting the profession and pursues the goal of being involved in hearings and legislative procedures. Further information on the association can be found here.


The European Institute for Compliance and Ethics (EICE) is the central platform for compliance and ethics professionals in Slovenia to network, advance our knowledge and cooperate with each other, as well as with related professions and with the business community. By doing so, EICE tries to help professionals, managers and organizations in variety of sectors to improve their competences in managing compliance and ethics programs and related risks. In addition, they are providing access to international connectivity. EICE is also trying to affect broader (institutional) environment, so that it would become more encouraging for legitimate, fair and transparent business practices. Through strengthening standards of lawful and ethical business practices, they are committed to help achieve better level playing field on the market, positively influence competitiveness, productivity and overall business environment. Further information on the association can be found here.


The Austrian Compliance Officer Association (ÖCOV) provides a platform, which promotes and supports Compliance professionals in Austria. The aim of ÖCOV is the exchange of experiences and development of best-practice approaches between and by its members. The association participates in the public and scientific discourse and focus on strengthening the role of the Compliance function in Austria.
Since its establishment in November 2013, the ÖCOV has served as a uniform representation of Compliance Management related interests of individuals and corporations. With more than 300 members, ÖCOV is the largest association of Compliance professionals in Austria. Its members are active in a vast number of different industries, from small and medium-sized enterprises up to large corporations. Further information on the association can be found here.

Le Cercle de la Compliance is an association of compliance professionals in Paris. Created in 2011 by a small group of French compliance professionals convinced of the relevance of this new type of risk management, the Circle then set itself the task of making Compliance in France known to legal directors, compliance specialists and the senior management level.

Further information on the association can be found here.